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Policies & Rules

Cable/Satellite Dish/Wiring Policy

Contact the Association office at (314) 961-3066 for a Satellite Regulation and Registration form.

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Heating Policy

To prevent frozen pipes, owners/tenants who do not provide adequate heat inside their condominium are in violation of the Brentwood Forest Declaration and By-Laws, Section 18.2-B Maintenance of Units that states in part: Each unit owner shall maintain sufficient heat to prevent pipes in the building from freezing. In order to protect the safety, health and general welfare of all Brentwood Forest residents, the following policy has been approved: An automatic fine in the amount of $200 will be assessed against the unit for each discovered violation of Section 18.2-B. If the Association discovers the temperature in a unit is lower than 50 degrees, it will be the sole discretion of the Association Management whether a fine will be assessed. Section 18.2-C Emergency Repairs to Unit empowers the Board the right to make emergency repairs and restore heat to a unit. This may take place without prior notice and the unit owner agrees to pay for the reasonable cost of making such repairs.  if the emergency repair was necessary to avoid or reduce damage to his unit, other units or the common elements. Such costs may be assessed as special assessments against the unit owner.

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All additions, changes, and modifications require prior approval from the Board of Managers along with a $25 non-refundable application fee. This includes but is not limited to deck extensions, doorbells, hot tubs, porches, storm/screen doors, window replacement, etc. It also includes any other addition, change or modification to the interior of any unit that affects the common elements or the basic load-bearing structure of the building. 

Modifications Installed by a Prior Owner
Any modification installed by a prior owner, that was not approved by the Board of Managers, must either be approved by the current Board or removed. If the current owners wish to keep the modification, they must complete a modification application requesting approval from the Board. The normal modification fee will be waived. If the modification does not meet BF's standards, the current owner must remove or reinstate the modification to its original state. If the work is not completed within 30 days of written notification from the Board, a $100 fine shall be imposed against the unit. An additional $100 fines will be assessed every 30 days thereafter until the modification is removed. 

Modifications Unapproved
The owner shall be given notice to remove the modification and restore the property to its original state within 30 days or submit a Modification Application packet within 30 days of notice to the Board of Managers requesting approval of the modification. Failure of the Unit Owner to comply with the provisions of this policy will result in fines of $100 per month and suspension of all privileges during the period of violation. 

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Living in a condominium community within close proximity of others requires cooperation and consideration of others. Owners and guests of a condominium must, therefore, conduct themselves in a manner so as not to disturb the peace of their neighbors. Making loud noises by yelling, playing a stereo, TV, or musical instruments, pets, parties or any other means that is clearly audible in another unit is not permitted. In addition, please do not use appliances and exercise equipment after 10:00 P.M. or before 7:00 A.M. 

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Parking Policy
Residents occupying a Brentwood Forest Condominium shall park only one vehicle in front of their building. 

Residents may park in any space not marked "Reserved". Second and third vehicles, visitor's vehicles and vehicles not driven daily should not be parked in front of the building. In some areas, spaces will be labeled "reserved". "Reserved" spaces are not for use of visitors and guests, and residents shall inform their visitors and guests of the Brentwood Forest Parking Policy.

Prohibited Vehicles
Vehicles that are not in operating condition, or which because of mechanical or other defects (i.e.) broken windows, flat tires, leaking gas or oil, not currently inspected, open trunk, rust, severe body damage, unlicensed, etc.) may not be parked on the premises. No trucks or vans rated above ¾ ton or any commercial vehicle, car, truck or another vehicle with advertisement viewable from the outside, trailers, RV's, boats or mobile homes are allowed (this prohibition does not apply to service vehicles for service calls, or moving vans for no longer than 48 hours during a move). 

Storage Containers
No storage containers are allowed in parking areas without prior authorization from the Association office, which shall have sole discretion on placement and time limits the container is allowed to remain. 

Streets, Fire Lanes, and No Parking Zone
No one may park or leave a vehicle unattended in streets, fire lanes, driveways or blocks in another vehicle. 

Handicap Parking
Residents who have a special need for an assigned handicap parking space beyond the prime parking space (i.e. wheelchair accessible spot), may apply for a handicap parking space by presenting a doctor's note as well as handicap parking documentation obtained from the City of Brentwood (314-962-4800) and the Missouri Department of Revenue. The Resident must then provide copies for the Association's file. The Board, through its agents, shall have the discretion to designate a handicap parking space for the resident, and the resident shall pay for any cost of installing a handicap parking sign or any other expenses associated with marking the space. Once marked, only the resident's vehicle properly displaying the handicap sticker or handicap plate may be parked in such space. 

The Board has the right to have vehicles in violation of any of the parking provisions towed at the expense of the unit owner or vehicle owner and/or the Board may issue a fine for any violation of the Parking Policy. 

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Pet Policy Revision
The Board of Managers has adopted a revised Pet Policy. The goal is to simplify the Rules and Regulations and make sure they are enforceable as well as comply with our Declaration and By-Laws.  This revised Pet Policy is effective 4-11-2019

The Association permits dogs, cats, birds or other pets subject to Board approval and the following rules and regulations apply:

Pet Registration
Dogs and cats must be registered with the Association office. A pet application form completed by a veterinarian and applicant, a picture of the pet and a $35 registration fee or $50 for two pets are required within 15 days of the pet’s occupancy. Any pet not properly registered with the BFCA Office by May 31, 2019, shall be subject to the fine schedule listed below.

Pet Rules & Regulations

  • No more than two (2) pets are allowed per unit, including any combination of dogs, cats or other household animals. Birds and fish are excluded.
  • No dog which normally exceeds a maximum weight of 40 lbs. when fully grown is allowed.
    • Pursuant to federal law, an assistance animal is not subject to the weight restriction as long as proper documentation from a medical provider is provided, prior to the animal's occupancy.
  • Pet owners are responsible for their pets and must immediately pick up pet waste deposited on the grounds and place it in an appropriate container.
  • Pets are not allowed to be unattended on patios, decks, porches, balconies or on the common elements of the condominium community.
  • Pets are required to be leashed and under the control of the handler when outdoors and not allowed to roam freely on the common grounds.
  • Pets may not disturb neighbors.
  • No chains, ropes, cages or doghouses are permitted outdoors.
  • No livestock, wild animals or animals kept for breeding purposes are allowed.
  • Cat litter must be disposed of in an appropriate manner and not on the grounds.

No warning is necessary for dangerous or vicious pets before the Association with Board approval directs that such animal(s) be permanently removed from the premises.

Fine Schedule

  • Within 30 days of pet’s occupancy or 1st rule violation - Warning Letter
  • Within 30 days after the warning letter - $50 fine
  • Within 60 days after the warning letter - $100 fine
  • Automatic fine for any dog over 40 lbs. - $250 fine*

*Any dog weighing over 40 lbs and registered with the BFCA Office as of 5-31-2019 shall not be subject to this fine.

Revised 4-11-2019

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All Occasion Signs
All occasion signs (anniversary, baby, birthday, etc.) are permitted with prior approval from the Association for a reasonable period of time (no longer than 2 days). A sign shall not cause damage to any common elements. NAILS MAY BE PLACED IN WOOD ONLY.

Condominium For Sale - For Rent Signs
For Sale or For Rent Signs, balloons or other markings of similar nature may not be placed on the common ground or in such a manner so that they are visible from the exterior of a condo or visible from a vehicle. AN AUTOMATIC $50 FINE SHALL BE ASSESSED AGAINST THE UNIT FOR UNAPPROVED SIGN(S) POSTED ON THE GROUNDS OR VISIBLE FROM A UNIT OR VEHICLE IN BRENTWOOD FOREST. UNAPPROVED SIGNS MAY BE REMOVED WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE.

Misc. Signs (Estate/misc. items)
No signs are permitted to be posted on the exterior of the condo, common grounds or visible from a vehicle to advertise items for sale. No sales are permitted on the limited common elements or on the grounds. AN AUTOMATIC $50 FINE SHALL BE ASSESSED AGAINST THE UNIT FOR UNAPPROVED SIGN(S) POSTED ON THE GROUNDS OR VISIBLE FROM A UNIT OR VEHICLE IN BRENTWOOD FOREST. UNAPPROVED SIGNS MAY BE REMOVED WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE.

Security Signs/Systems
Security Signs are not permitted to be placed on the grounds. Security Stickers (5" X 5" maximum) may be placed on glass only. Security Systems are permitted providing that NO WIRING is exposed on the exterior of the unit. 

Vehicle For Sale Signs
For Sale Signs may not be posted on vehicles parked on the premises. Unapproved signs may be removed without prior notice. Residents wishing to sell a vehicle may place a notice on the Community Board at the corner of Wrenwood Lane and High School. Contact the Association Office at (314) 961-3066 for further details. AN AUTOMATIC $50 FINE SHALL BE ASSESSED AGAINST THE UNIT FOR UNAPPROVED SIGN(S) POSTED ON THE GROUNDS OR VISIBLE FROM A UNIT OR VEHICLE IN BRENTWOOD FOREST.

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Regular Trash Schedule
Regular trash is picked up on Mondays and Thursdays. Recycling is picked up on Mondays only. On holidays, trash is picked up one business day after the holiday or as posted. If you are going to be out of town during the regular pick up time, call the office to make arrangements for alternate trash disposal. 

Trash Pickup Hours

Trash must be placed at the curb prior to 6:00 A.M. on pick-up days or at dusk the evening prior to pick-up. Paper bags/plastic grocery bags are not permitted. Pizza boxes, soapboxes, large plastic bottles, shoeboxes or small items must be placed in a sealed trash container. Trash bags must be tied securely. Trash containers must have a lid. Trash and recycling containers may be stored on rear decks only, not in or behind bushes or at the front entrance, under decks or on the common grounds. Trash must be removed from any limited common elements (i.e. decks, patios) on a weekly basis. 

Large Items
Bulky items are picked up on the fourth Friday of each month for a nominal fee. Call the Public Works Department at 314-963-8642 to schedule a pickup.  Large items such as major appliances, furniture, etc. must be picked up within twenty-four (24) hours to avoid an automatic $100 fine. A courtesy warning call will be made to the responsible party, if known, to remove the item from the grounds. 

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Vehicles that are not in operating condition, i.e., broken windows, flat tire, leaking gas or oil, not currently inspected, open trunk, rust, severe body damage, unlicensed, etc. may not be parked on the premises. No vehicles rated above ¾ ton are permitted. Commercial vehicles, cars or trucks or other vehicles with advertisements viewable from the outside are not permitted. No trailers, horse trailers, boats, RV's or mobile homes are allowed on the premises. No ladders, appliances or other large items may be visible on a vehicle. 

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Unless a particular policy sets forth a specific fine for an offense, the following standard fine schedule will be used when Declaration and By-Laws, Rules or other offenses are brought to the attention of the Association.

1st Offense: Written warning

2nd Offense: $100 fine.

3rd and Subsequent Offenses: $200 and loss of privileges for one year and $300 fine for each offense thereafter.

Fines and Procedures for Certain Offenses: Some rules and policies have specific fines and procedures contained in the policy. In that event, the fines and procedures in those policies will be applicable instead of the ones set forth herein.

Continuing Offenses: For continuing offenses, it shall be considered to be a new offense every 30 days that the offense continues unabated during that time. If the offense is periodic where the offense is temporarily abated but then recurs regularly, the Association may treat each new event as a separate fine or may treat it as a continuing offense (i.e., situations where a vehicle cited for an offense is driven on and off the condominium property on a regular basis) in which event one fine will be applicable every 30 day period where the offense exists. If there is a continuing offense that has been corrected, the person in violation shall have the duty to report the correction to the staff in order to stop the tine.

Appeal Procedures: If the staff of the Board receives, or discovers information that indicates that anyone is violating any of the provisions of the Brentwood Forest Condominium Association's Condominium Declaration and By-laws, or its Rules, Regulations, Policies and Practices, a written notice shall be sent to the unit owner responsible for the person or thing creating the offense. Generally, the first notice will contain a warning indicating the nature of the offense and requesting that the offense be corrected. However, the Staff/Board may send a notice of fine with the first notice at their discretion. Once a unit owner receives a notice of a fine, the unit owner shall have 20 days from the postmark date on the notice of fine to file a written request to appeal the fine before the Board of Managers and may also contain any information the person appealing the fine wants the Board to consider in the appeal of the fine. Such information may include information as to why the person believes no offense has occurred, or the person's plan to cease or correct the offense, or that the offense has already been corrected. If the person requests to personally appear before the Board, the staff will arrange a time to put the matter on the Board's Agenda and notify the person who filed the appeal of such time. If no request is made to appear before the Board, the Board will consider the appeal solely upon the information submitted and the person will have no further right to personally appear before the Board unless the Board requests additional information from the person appealing. Hearings shall be informal and no rules of evidence shall be in force. The person may bring any information, witnesses, witness statements, letters or other information they think is relevant to the hearing (but should bring 10 copies) or the person may submit such information a week prior to the hearing, in which case the Association will generally make copies and distribute them to each of the Board members for review prior to the hearing. A maximum of 15 minutes will be allowed for the hearing unless the person appealing asks for more time when the appeal is filed. The Board will generally not rule on the matter at the end of the hearing. The Board may continue deliberations to a future meeting. The Board's determination will be mailed to the person once a decision is made. Only at that point is the appealed fine considered final.

Fine Schedule

Courtesy phone call if person responsible is known

$100 automatic fine if an item is not removed within 24 hours

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All window treatments visible to the exterior, (blinds, curtains, drapes, shutters, etc.) must have a white or off-white appearance from the exterior.

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